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Buy Sky Master Kush Online

Buy Sky Master Kush Online . Established in 2012, Washington Bud Company has worked hard to create what some might call connoisseur cannabis strains. One of their latest offerings is Sky Master, a sativa-dominant cross between Blue Dream and Master Kush. Not recommended for newer users, this gal is strong in effect and will work hard to lift your spirits any day of the week. We mean it when we say strong, as Sky Master tops out at 31% THC and tends to measure in at about 1% CBD. Buy Sky Master Kush Online

Buy Sky Master Kush Online

Imagine the most gorgeous flower possible, and that’s what you’ll see here, as nugs are fluffy with a deep olive green color. Blue undertones will catch your eye along with red pistils, and her amber trichomes are the icing on the cake. A bright and flavorful smoke that’s great with breakfast, Sky Master tastes of berries, peach, and mint. Aromas lean more toward floral and pine notes, rounding out this nearly perfect strain. Order Sky Master Kush Online

Buy Sky Master Kush Online

So far we’ve been raving about this bud, but honestly she’s worth it. The high you’ll experience with Sky Master is intense, and you’ll come away realizing that you’ve never been happier in your entire life. Somewhat akin to an explosion happening inside of your brain, Sky Master starts with a cerebral boost that’s focused, creative, and intensely euphoric. Your to-do list won’t know what hit it, making this bud ideal for a long day at the office. After a while, you will experience some relaxing effects, but while these work to soothe your body, your mental state won’t be affected in the slightest. Get Sky Master Kush Online


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